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I Cátedra gvSIG Contest. Works with free GIS

The aim of the Cátedra gvSIG is to create a meeting point for users interested in free space technologies. In order to foment an environment of shared knowledge and participating in the dissemination of free geomatics, the chair organizes this … Continue reading

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gvSIG applied to Architecture

The 10th International gvSIG Conference were held some weeks ago in Valencia (Spain), where more than thirty communications were presented about different themes. At the Conference there was a session specially dedicated to architecture. Different reports were presented about Geographic … Continue reading

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Concurso Cátedra gvSIG de trabajos con Sistemas de Información Geográfica libres

La Cátedra gvSIG comienza sus actividades con la intención de crear un punto de encuentro para los usuarios interesados en las tecnologías espaciales libres. Con el objetivo de crear un entorno de conocimiento compartido y de participar en la difusión … Continue reading

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gvSIG aplicado a Arquitectura

Hace unas semanas se celebraron las 10as Jornadas Internacionales gvSIG en Valencia (España), en las que se presentaron una gran cantidad de ponencias de temáticas distintas. En ellas hubo una sesión dedicada especialmente a arquitectura, en la que se presentaron … Continue reading

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Cursos de usuario de gvSIG gratuitos

A partir del 16 de febrero comienzan unos cursos online gratuitos de gvSIG Desktop, ofrecidos por la Fundación Fessia en colaboración con la Asociación gvSIG. Con dichos cursos se obtiene la certificación de usuario y la certificación usuario experto en … Continue reading

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gvSIG 2.1: Dyschromatopsia / colour blindness extension

We have included an extension in gvSIG 2.1, that can be curious for a lot of users but it’s very interesting for users that have colour perception problems. In fact we find this functionality essential in some fields, as the … Continue reading

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gvSIG 2.1: Alphanumeric editor at the view

One of the new features that has been included in the last gvSIG 2.1 builds, thanks to the Brazilian company GAUSS geotecnologia e engenharia, is an easy and useful tool: an alphanumeric editor that allows to edit the attributes of … Continue reading

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gvSIG 2.1: Dragging layers from the file browser

In gvSIG 2.1 we find another little improvement, but with a lot of advantages for users. It’s the option to drag layers from the file browser to our View in gvSIG, and the layer is included automatically. At this video … Continue reading

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gvSIG 2.1: Memory management

Users that start to use gvSIG will find a lot of small improvements respecting previous versions. Now we’re going to tell about one of them, the possibility to manage the RAM memory used by gvSIG. Until this version, the user … Continue reading

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10as Jornadas Internacionales gvSIG: Taller “Gestión de Espacios Naturales Protegidos y seguimiento de fauna con gvSIG”

El miércoles 3 de Diciembre se realizará un taller sobre Gestión de Espacios Naturales Protegidos y seguimiento de fauna con gvSIG, en las 10as Jornadas Internacionales de gvSIG. El taller será realizado por María Jose Bravo, de eGeoMapping. El objetivo … Continue reading

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