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gvSIG 2.1 for Linux 64bits

One of the objectives that we had set for gvSIG 2.2 was to have 64 bits distributions to avoid the possible installation problems that mainly Linux users found. Nevertheless the process has been faster than we expected and there’s a … Continue reading

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Calling for gvSIG Community: Translations

The necessary tasks in gvSIG 2.1 for maintenance and management of translations in the different languages have been carried out already. Now they have to be updated in order to have the final version with as many languages as possible. … Continue reading

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gvSIG 2.1 RC1

The first gvSIG 2.1 Release Candidate (gvSIG 2.1 RC1) is now available. We encourage you to test it and send us any errors and suggestions in the users mailing list or directly in the bugtracker (see interesting links for testers). … Continue reading

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Running gvSIG in hardwares with Linux 64 bits

Some weeks ago a friend reinstalled his system. He had an Ubuntu 13.04 and started to use version 13.10 of 64 bits. When trying to install gvSIG 2.1 the installation process failed. We took a look at it and we … Continue reading

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gvSIG 2.1: Test it!

(En castellano más abajo) Hi all, As we announce some days ago we’ve started the stabilization process of the next gvSIG version (2.1). At this moment the participation of the community in the testing is essential. When more people is … Continue reading

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gvSIG 2.1 beta available

(En castellano más abajo) We are happy to announce the release of gvSIG 2.1 beta. We encourage you to download it, to test it and to give us feedback about bugs and feature requests. For that you can use our … Continue reading

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First incursion in symbology on scripting in gvSIG 2.0

Hello everyone. Other day a friend wrote in gvSIG user’s list about a project he was dealing in  gvSIG and needed to access symbology from scripting of a layer. First, scripting’s API has nothing prepared to access symbology… well, we … Continue reading

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gvSIG Latin American Conference will be held in Brazil along with MundoGEO#Connect 2014

The 6th Latin American and Caribbean gvSIG Conference will be held next year in Brazil, along with MundoGEO#Connect LatinAmerica, Conference and Trade Fair of Geomatics and Geospatial Solutions, that will take place from May 7 thru 9 May at Frei … Continue reading

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Coming soon: Additional options when exporting to KML

La opción de exportar una capa a KML permitirá las siguientes opciones: Globos con los atributos. El archivo resultante mostrará en un globo una tabla con los atributos del elemento (generalmente cuando el usuario pinche sobre el elemento) Etiquetas. Si … Continue reading

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9as Jornadas gvSIG: taller de Cartografía catastral con gvSIG

[English translation with Google Translator] Durante las 9as Jornadas gvSIG se impartirá un taller de cartografía catastral con gvSIG a cargo de los profesores de la Universidad Miguel Hernández, Cesáreo Bas y José Antonio Ayén. El taller tiene como objetivo dar … Continue reading

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