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200 gvSIG case studies at “gvSIG Outreach” web portal!

From some time ago, the projects based on the official gvSIG products – gvSIG Desktop, gvSIG Mobile, gvSIG Educa, gvNIX, i3Geo – are published at the gvSIG Outreach portal. These projects are carried out in a very wide range of … Continue reading

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11th International gvSIG Conference: “It’s possible. It’s real”

A year on, the reference conference of the gvSIG Community and one of the more relevant events about free geomatics at an international level will take place. The 11th International gvSIG Conference will be held from December 2nd to 4th … Continue reading

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gvSIG Association has received the NASA World Wind Europa Challenge award

The gvSIG Association received one of the “Europa Challenge” awards, given by the NASA and the European Commission last Friday, during the “FOSS4G Europe” in Como, Italy. The “Europa Challenge” award has an international character where besides the Spanish representatives … Continue reading

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Snapping at the new editing extension in gvSIG 2.2

The gvSIG Desktop 2.2 version has a new editing extension with several improvements and new tools respecting the previous version (like the extend line to object or trim line by object tools). One of the changes made at this new … Continue reading

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Towards a new icon set in gvSIG

Some time ago a collaborator, Mario Fèvre, from TreCC company, started a new project to generate a new icon set for gvSIG with the aim to have a friendlier interface.   This project not only consist in designing that new icon … Continue reading

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Clipping polylines and creating intersections using Scripting on gvSIG

There’s a useful geoprocess to clip simple lines and create a separation at the intersections with other lines. This geoprocess is run on the whole layer, checking the intersections between all the polylines. We can need it to calculate intersection, … Continue reading

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gvSIG at Silesian Convention (Szczyrk, Poland)

On 11-12 June in Szczyrk (Poland) took place V Silesian Convention of Computer Science and Administration, whose main topic was free and open source software and open data. The convention was attended by over 100 participants from all over the … Continue reading

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Reprojecting vector and raster layers in gvSIG 2.x

When we download cartography from a web page we need to know its reference system in order to load it correctly in gvSIG. For that we have to look for it at the same web page, or access to the … Continue reading

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gvSIG at FOSS4G India 2015

FOSS4G India 2015 was held at Indian Institute of Remote Sensing, Dehradun. It was attended by more than 100 delegates from all over the country with student community participating with lot of enthusiasm. Close to 45 people presented their work … Continue reading

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On the road to gvSIG 2.3

As we announced with the publishing of gvSIG 2.2, and following the current policy at the gvSIG project for releasing two versions every year, we plan to release gvSIG 2.3 in December. The objective is to dedicate the odd versions … Continue reading

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