10th International gvSIG Conference: Workshop “gvSIG 2.1 new features″

At the 10th International gvSIG Conference (Valencia – Spain, 3rd-5th December 2014), there will be a workshop about “gvSIG 2.1 new features″ on Friday December 5th, 2014 (see the conference program), given by Pablo Cuadrado, who works for Contefo company. This workshop will have Spanish-English simultaneous interpretation.

The objective of this workshop is to review the main features of the latest version of gvSIG, gvSIG 2.1. Some of the tools that will be shown at this workshop are the related ones to the memory management at the gvSIG preferences, the dragging of layers from the file browser, charts, the new layout document or the options to import symbology among others. Likewise some of the new features oriented to advanced users won’t be shown, like PostGIS 2 (vector and raster) or scripting on Python, that will be given in another workshop at the same day.

As you know, the main novelty of the 2.x version is its new architecture. The way gvSIG manage the data sources has been redesigned with the objective of improving the reliability as well as the modularity, benefiting the users as well as the developers. The 2.0 version was the first one of this branch, and the current version available is the 2.1 one, that includes a lot of new features, as well as new tools than have been migrated from the 1.x branch. A lot of errors have been fixed at this version from the previous one too.

For following this workshop you only have to take your laptop with this requisites:

  • gvSIG 2.1 (build 2258) installed. The file to be installed would be the next, depending on the operative system:
  •  Then you have to run gvSIG and follow these steps:
    • Go to Tools->Add-ons Manager, select “Standard installation” and press Next.
    • At the left list select “Native preferences” and mark the plugin that is shown.
    • At the left list select “Layout” and mark the plugin “gvSIG Map Sheets plugin”
    • At the left list select “Dyschromatopsia” and mark the plugin that is shown.
    • Finally at the left list select “Portable view” and mark the two plugins that are shown.
    • Then press Next, and after downloading press Finish. When you see the message about restarting gvSIG you can accept and you can close gvSIG.
  •  The cartography to use at the workshop, that can be downloaded from here.

The minimum requirements for gvSIG 2.1 are:

  • CPU compatible Intel (i486 or upper).
  • Minimum: 256 MB RAM; Recommended: 512 MB RAM.
  • Standard graphics cards compatible with SVGA.

The workshop will be given on Friday December 5th. All the same we recommend you to consult the program in case there are some changes. To attend the workshop you have to register at the conference from the registration form. Registrations are free of charge (limited capacity).

We expect your participation!

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