10th International gvSIG Conference: Workshop “Scripting on gvSIG 2.1″

On Friday, 5th December at 12:00 am during the 10th International gvSIG Conference in Valencia, there will be a workshop for beginners about Programming with Scripting Module in gvSIG 2.1. The workshop will be conducted by Oscar Martinez, of the blog masquesig.com. This workshop will have Spanish-English simultaneous interpretation.

 The aim of the workshop is to introduce users to the programing module which is integrated into the new version of gvSIG 2.x. It will give us the ability to create our own tools and geoprocesses. We will demonstrate the usefulness of this module, capable of increasing both the computing power and productivity of our work with gvSIG. This module allows the automation of tasks and saves time.

The workshop will take 2 hours and we will show the main functions of the module and we will do an example of how to program a script. It will be easy to follow, we will write and explain the code line-by-line and this will allow us to see the practical use of the tool. This script will contain a brief summary of the most important functions and the main spatial operations.

There is no requirement to have programming knowledge to follow the workshop. The programming language used is Python, an easy language to learn a plenty of online documentation to consult.

The requirements of the workshop will be:

  • gvSIG 2.1 (latest build) installed, that you can download from http://www.gvsig.org/web/projects/gvsig-desktop/development-versions (IMPORTANT: download the standard version). The file to be installed would be the next, depending on the operative system:
    • Windows 32 and 64 bits: the file name is called “…win-x86-standard-withjre.exe”
    • Linux 64 bits: the file name is called “…lin-x86_64-standard-withjre.run”
    • Linux 32 bits: the file name is called “…lin-x86-standard-withjre.run”
  • Scripting Framework. Check that the module is installed by accessing the Tools menu – Scripting. Otherwise we will have to install it from the Plugin Manager.
  • The cartography to use at the workshop can be downloaded from here.

If you are interested in a particular part of the module, thus programming a certain topic or use, you can write your preferences in the post and we will endeavor to tailor the workshop to your needs.

If you have any further questions or recommendations please do not hesitate to contact omartinez@gvsig.com.

All the same we recommend you to consult the program in case there are some changes. To attend the workshop you have to register at the conference from the registration form. Registrations are free of charge (limited capacity).

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