Towards gvSIG 2.4: OpenStreetMap data direct download

Would you like to download OpenStreetMap data directly from gvSIG Desktop? This post is interesting for you…

As we told you, the H2GIS new support will allow to increase the gvSIG Desktop potential more. Today we show you a clear example of it. One of the H2GIS functions allows to download OpenStreetMap data directly. That sentence would be able to be run from the H2GIS console, but because of its utility (and to make it easier for users) we have opted to add it as a tool.

What does it do? Something as easy (and useful!!) as download OSM cartography of the frame that we have in that moment at the View. We will able to load these data as a layer in our gvSIG Desktop later.

We also will be able to import them directly to our H2 database, but we will tell you about it in a next post.

Here you have a video about how this download tool works:

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