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gvSIG 2.2: Hyperlink to folders

An innovation is the hyperlink to folders, which has been added to the next gvSIG 2.2.  A hyperlink is an element of an electronic document which refers to another online resource. In gvSIG 2.1, hyperlinks are associated with items in … Continue reading

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Testing new gvSIG editing

An important innovation comes with gvSIG 2.2. It comes to significantly improve one of the sections that required further work: editing tools. A new agile, complete and intuitive edition has been developed and we are sure that this will enable … Continue reading

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How to download and compile gvSIG 2.1.0 on Linux and Windows

English translation of the article by Joaquin del Cerro. Note: I shall describe how to compile gvSIG Desktop core. This is only part of a broader process of distributing gvSIG. Other add-ons are compiled separately. Hello all, Typically, I develop … Continue reading

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gvSIG 2.1: A full set of legends

All legends available in previous versions have been migrated to gvSIG 2.1, so now we have a wide range of possibilities to represent our data. Let’s look at some of these possibilities. We worked with a polygon layer to represent … Continue reading

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gvSIG 2.1: improving cartographic production

This post is the first in a series of post to check the innovations of next gvSIG 2.1 version. The stabilisation process is close to being complete and soon we hope to release the new version. We will be telling … Continue reading

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Checking geometries

Traduzco un post publicado por Joaquín del Cerro hace unos días que puede ser interesante:Hello everyone back again,It was some time ago I didn’t write this blog but I have been really busy working on new gvSIG developments. Anyway the … Continue reading

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