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Eulogy and risks of two new open source initiatives in Europe: Bulgaria and the Valencian Community.

Two new legal initiatives to promote the use of open source have been announced in the last months, both of them aligned with the current European Union strategies like the Open Source Strategy and the ISA-Developing and sharing IT solutions … Continue reading

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EMT Valencia: an example of a geoportal for the public transport using open source software

One of the first projects of the gvSIG Association, it was the launch of the city transport company´s geo-portal (EMT) in Valencia. It’s been over five years since its start-up and remains the reference website to see how to get … Continue reading

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EMT Valencia: ejemplo de geoportal de transporte público con software libre

Uno de los primeros proyectos que realizamos en la Asociación gvSIG fue la puesta en marcha del geoportal de EMT, la empresa municipal de transporte de Valencia. Hace ya más de un lustro desde que está en marcha y sigue … Continue reading

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HydroloGIS joins the gvSIG Association

Valencia, Spain – Bolzano, Italy – February 10, 2016 HydroloGIS, the company behind the open source projects Geopaparazzi and JGrasstools, has officially joined the gvSIG Association. What this small Italian based company brings to the Association, is the expertise of … Continue reading

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gvSIG Online: SDI for the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

The gvSIG Association, beyond being known for the development of various technologies in open source software like gvSIG Desktop or gvNIX, it has become in recent years to an international reference in the provision of open source geomatics and specially … Continue reading

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gvSIG Online: IDE de la Unión Internacional para la Conservación de la Naturaleza

La Asociación gvSIG, más allá de ser conocida por el desarrollo de diversas tecnologías en software libre como gvSIG Desktop o gvNIX, se ha convertido en estos últimos años en un referente internacional en la prestación de servicios de geomática … Continue reading

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gvSIG is graduated as an OSGeo project

gvSIG has been graduated as an OSGeo project (the Open Source Geospatial Foundation), complying with all the quality requirements demanded by OSGeo to obtain this qualification. From the gvSIG Association we want to thank for the efforts made by everybody … Continue reading

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gvCity: Suite for inventory management, events and open data (open data)

With this post we present a new product / service implemented by gvSIG Association. The main objective is to offer a product for municipal management and citizen participation, at very low cost, to optimize the management of all types of … Continue reading

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Hasta hace algunos años en la gran mayoría del territorio Colombiano (Sus Instituciones) no se podía hablar si quiera de implementar un Sistema de Información Geográfico sin pensar en la utilización de software SIG Privativo, inmediatamente se debía consultar y … Continue reading

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The gvSIG Association is nominated for the ‘LLGA|Cities Pilot the Future’ awards at San Francisco city

22 cities around the world announce the ‘LLGA|Cities Pilot the Future’ competition, where they present their social, urban and environmental challenges with the aim to find innovative solutions proposed by companies and entrepreneurs that participate at this international contest. The … Continue reading

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