KML 2.2 for gvSIG

Project Introduction

Nowadays, KML it’s an OGC standard vectorial format hardly used because it has the very known Google support. As far as now, gvSIG is using GPE “Geographic Markup Language Persistent Engine ” library. This library is based on the GML “Geographic Markup Language” Schema from OGC, the advantage is that GML structure contains KML, then GPE can also wrap the KML parsing process, thus the KML 2.1 OGC standard was implemented for GPE.

Now, the KML standard launched its 2.2 version, adding new feature support, and gvSIG-GPE haven’t have it implemented yet, overall when the most of the gvSIG users uses it with other GIS applications.

The Google Summer of Code was a good chance to propose the contribution to the community. Finally coming from China, by the recently graduate student Bin Ju, the contribution offering was taken, He found the idea in gsoc 2010 page of gvSIG website. He will develop advanced KML editor in GeoServer, which is also based on GeoTools, in his master degree thesis.

Developer Presentation

He has get a degree from the Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, CAS.(Beijing , China) Master degree.

Project plan

Finish the project in 15 weeks.

Community bounding period(4 weeks):

In depth study of gvSIG, especially the plugin for KML 2.1 formats. The primary goal is to learn how to develop plugin for gvSIG and learn in details of KML2.2 specification.

  1. Study gvSIG-GPE API, Maven, and SubVersion. Prepare workspace
  2. KML 2.2 new Features Analysis and Design new features to add.

Period(8 weeks): Develop a prototype and make it works.

  1. Develop Source Code.
  2. gvSIG-GPE new KML 2.2 module integration.

Pencils down(3 weeks): write tests code, documentation and other things.

  1. gvSIG Tests
  2. Documents

Previous Programming Experience

GIS Experience

  • A homework project about travel palnning written in VB&MapObject in 2007.
  • An website based on MapGuide OS using php, javascript, css, html, kml and MySql in 2008
  • An website with the function produced by ArcIMS using Java, MySql, Tomcat, FileUpLoader, Log4j, JFreeChartin 2009.
  • An web mapping page with Google API(Maps, Search and Chart).
  • Design a touring website based on ArcGIS Server using M.S. visio and netbeans in 2009

Other Computer Experience

  • Simple programs written in C during a class in Yunnan University
  • A mine game which exactly the same as the one in windows, written in C and Windows API  in 2009
  • A stock market which can produce the curves dynamically, written in C++ and MFC in 2009.
  • A shotting game written in Java based on Java3D in 2009
  • Finish all the homework and two projects in MIT OCW 6.001 written in Python in 2009
  • Study Algorithms and Data Structure in college and restudy them through MIT and Berkeley OCW. Finish all the homework and most projects.

Bin Ju it’s  familiar in Java programming language and uDig is easily extended since it based on eclipse so can afford this develop without problems.

That develop pretends that KML will have full support in gvSIG.

All the contributions are welcome.


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