gvSIG Desktop 2.0 splash poll

It’s been recurrent on mailing list of people asking for a community process to decide the artwork of the gvSIG Desktop product, specially the opening splash screen. One of our active members has proposed some of them and well at the end we came up with a competition to let our community express their design preferences for our next big release of gvSIG Desktop.

We asked for designs and we received a nice bunch of proposals, see.

gvSIG Desktop 2.0 proposals

Well I have to admit some of them are nicer than others, and my intention sending my proposals was mostly to animate the whole thing, so don’t laugh so much about my lack of design capabilities 🙂

With those proposals we set up a poll that is still open, so please, go to the overview page, select your best and vote!!

About Jorge

I'm a geogeek living near Valencia, Spain. I work on geomatics and I try to have fun with technology and free software.
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4 Responses to gvSIG Desktop 2.0 splash poll

  1. Nacho Varela says:

    When is the deadline to vote?

  2. Jorge says:

    Hi the deadline is next Tuesday 3rd of May, thanks for reminding!!

  3. Alvaro says:

    …and the winning entry will be announced on the gvSIG Association website (www.gvsig.com) on 6th May 2011.

  4. Alberto Calderon says:

    A imagem “CLEAN BUFFER” de Daniel Diaz Grandío é perfeita.
    O buffer mostra a área de influência. E o gvSIG com sua simplicidade e capacidade está influenciando e conquistando todos os continentes.

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