The gvSIG Campus Community has just been born!

The last days we’ve been working on creating this new group of community. As you already know, the gvSIG project boost the creation of community groups centred on common interests. This time the common concern is related to final projects on tertiary training institutions (grade, master, and so on) developed using gvSIG. So this post is focused on students looking for or developing a project, tutors and researchers.

Those projects are thought to be linked to different areas of knowledge: not only computer sciences, but also geomatic, town planning, environmental applications, etc.. All of them having the common issue to undertake student’s work related to gvSIG products such as Desktop, Mobile, Mini or one of the multiple gvSIG extensions.

If you want to know about the motivations and specific goals of that new group, please visit here the gvSIG Campus Community web page.

Through the new Campus section of the gvSIG ‘s Outreach web page you will be able to:

  1. search projects that are on the way right now (status Running projects)
  2. include ideas in order to implement new projects in the future (status Ideas)
  3. and search information on projects that had been done (status Finished)

This data base will be filled in by means of information coming from the Community, so do not hesitate on sending your ideas to us.

Also an open mailing list is available, so if you want to be part of that community join us!

Despite this post is written in English in order to make a wider call, do not understand this as an obligation. Feel free to participate by your own language, if you think English could be an obstacle. We’ll do our best in order to answer to you :).

Well, that’s all. I hope to see you at the gvSIG Campus Community!


About Viqui

Mom-of-twins + 1, and Cartographer. gvSIG's contributor.
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