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“According to the gvSIG philosophy, the Open Source software model depends on collaboration and solidarity. We want to encourage the construction of a new development model that allows us to improve and broaden the software in a fairer and collaborative way.”

This paragraph is the motivations beginning of the contributions to the gvSIG Association.

We talked again of Software as a medium, as a tool of transformation, and also of both solidarity and the return of ethics, as the central axis of the brand gvSIG.

We propose the existence of a professional structure who works for the maintenance of social and technical quality of gvSIG.

A structure that helps to generate a good quality and well documented software so they could join us as many people as possible. Actors who are willing to develop and release their developments, instead of become mere speculators.

A structure that works for the internationalization and promotion of the project and its values. And above all, a structure that contributes to the establishment of synergies and the development and consolidation of the gvSIG Communities that is where we would like to focus the sovereignty of the project.

We propose a self-sustaining model. That gvSIG is able to generate wealth and that some of that wealth is reinvested in strengthening gvSIG to be able to get as further as possible.

Work in this direction is a task where we have the satisfaction of working, meeting and sharing with many people, much more than we would have ever imagined. When you cross the rigid corsets social practices that are used to, multiple points of contact are set; empathy and different views on the same goals so that we help each other to further reflection and learning.

But it is also true that it is a difficult task where different interests appear, many of them, especially those which business model is still based on the speculation with the gained knowledge, and probably not by any chance, those are also the ones which are very well placed in many centers of power.

That is why we decided to create and announce a section for the contributions with the idea of ​​supporting gvSIG.

Thank you very much in advance for helping us spreading this message and continue building the gvSIG road daily.

About Alvaro

General Manager of gvSIG Association
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