Go for the 10th gvSIG Conference

This year we’ll celebrate the 10th International gvSIG Conference (December 3, 4 and 5). 10th Conference. A round number that’s not bad to a free project.

The ones who knows us have in mind that we like to talk about Independence and Sovereignty. And that we like to stress that Sovereignty passes by Strategic Sectors control and that is an absurd that in 21st Century we don’t consider technology as a strategic sector.

To have control about a strategic sector passes by having capability over your government. Having government capability over you software passes by being able to knows it and freedom to it’s use, modification and distribution, saying by Free Software.

This is a recurrent idea in our way of thinking: Sovereignty , Strategic Sectors, Free Software and all from the conscience that we are in the 21st Century. It’s the issue that encourage us that the 10th Conference slogan is: “Strategies for the 21st Century”

You know too that we like to talk about collective values, solidarity, collaboration. And we have thought that at time to construct the image of the Conference, it could be interesting that if you have a moment and want to, you could tell us what are your strategies to the 21st Century (in a maximum of 150 characters) or send us an image (220 kb maximum) and see if we’re capable to collect your sensations.

You can send it to: conference-contact@gvsig.com

And in what it is possible to you, thanks for collaborating with the Project strengthening.

Go for the 10th gvSIG Conference.

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