gvSIG October: 10 years sharing and building (Updating)

This post is being updated continuously with more information about new events

As Thoreau would say “Time is but stream I go a-fishing in”. This October it will be ten years after the first version of gvSIG. It’s now 10 years old¡

To celebrate the anniversary, some gvSIG Communities suggested various activities throughout October. The project begun informally but, increasingly, new activities have arisen since that time so, on the one hand, we announce activities that are confirmed and on the other hand, we also call on all gvSIG Communities to participate in the process and to submit new proposals throughout October.

In some cases it has been timed National gvSIG Meeting to coincide with “gvSIG Month”, in others talks at universities are ongoing, several webinars are planned,…and much more that we hope to confirm shortly. We are confident that all of these events will be of great interest to the Community.

We also hope gvSIG 2.1 to be ready in October. This is a new version, which is already receiving very positive feedback, even in the Build Verification Testing. We will also continue to work on improving gvSIG with new developments, which will take many by surprise. There are more things we are doing, a new website, new extensions,..

On the other hand, a new call for on-line courses has been launched with significant discounts. We therefore hope to facilitate certified training for everyone (in addition to offer a free i3GEO course).

Activities confirmed in alphabetical order by country:

  • Webinars: organized in collaboration with MundoGEO.
    • gvSIG applied to criminology. Given by ICSPOL, the unity for data analysis of the Local Police in Castellón (Spain) and the collaboration of CRÍMINA (Centre for crime prevention and study) and the Criminology Institute at the Basque Country.
      • Language: Spanish.
      • Date: October 7th.
    • Watershed mapping with gvSIG. Given by Gilberto Cugler.
      • Language: Portuguese.
      • Date: October 10th.
    • gvSIG applied to fauna and protected Natural landscapes. Given by eGeoMapping.
      • Language: Spanish.
      • Date: October 14th.
  • MOOC, Massive Online Open Courses:
    • Mobile devices for Territory management. New edition of this course, at the  UPV online learning platform [X].
      • Given by Israel Quintanilla and Aurea Gallego (Dpto. de Ingeniería Cartográfica, Geodesia y Fotogrametría, ETSI Geodésica, Cartográfica y Topográfica, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia).
      • Language: Spanish.
      • More information: http://cursodispositivosmoviles.upvx.es/ficha
  • Argentina:
  • Brazil:
    • Event Commemorating 10 years of gvSIG in UFPR Litoral.
      • Seminar: Free and Open Source Geotechnologies. 10 years of gvSIG. Venue: UFPR Litoral (Matinhos-PR). Schedule start time : 18h. Speakers : : PhD.Édina M. Vergara – UFPR Litoral, PhD. Alexandro G. Schäfer – UNIPAMPA – Bagé-RS, PhD Nelson C. Rosot – UFPR, PhD. Student Ricardo Monteiro – UFPR Litoral, Gilberto Cugler.
      • Side Event 1: gvSIG Course (30h). Lecturer : Gilberto Cugler. Dates : 22-24/10. Venue : UFPR Litoral;
      • Side Event 2: gvSIG Course for public school teachers (20h) – Dates : October-November. Lecturer : Ricardo Monteiro. Venue : UFPR Litoral.
        For futher information, please contact: ricardoarqui@yahoo.com.br
    • gvSIG Anniversary Celebration Event. Event promoted by Hímaco Group at Public Archive in the State of São Paulo. This event will have the participation of Hímaco Members and they approached the following themes : 1) Open source software, past and present status (Luis Ferla). 2) Historic GIS and work of Hímaco (Delphine Lacroix, Maíra Rosin e Orlando Guamier). Entry free of charge until capacity reached (30 seats). A certificate will be awarded to all participants.
      For further information, please contact: grupohimaco@gmail.com
  • Ecuador:
    • Second World Unigis Forum (Quito, 2014). A workshop on “Opengis for geomatic projects” will take place during the event. Members of Ecuador gvSIG Community will teach the workshop and it will take place in USFQ (Cumbayá, Quito) during October 22-23.
  • Spain:
  • Mexico:
    • gvSIG Workshop for Civil Associations and Social Groups of Guadalajara: Hosted by GeoAlternativa. Further details of the dates will be shortly be announced.
      Contact information: alonsomorilla@geoalternativa.com
  • Uruguay:

There are more activities planned in other countries, but will be published shortly.

We will be updating this post as soon as we have more confirmed activities.

Those interested in taking part write to info@gvsig.com

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