gvSIG applied to Architecture

The 10th International gvSIG Conference were held some weeks ago in Valencia (Spain), where more than thirty communications were presented about different themes.

At the Conference there was a session specially dedicated to architecture. Different reports were presented about Geographic Information Systems in an architecture office, urban licenses or energy efficiency certificates, all of them very interesting projects.

All these presentations, as well as their recording, are available. They were concretely these ones:

– GIS applied to project management in an architecture office (PDF: 8.0 MB); VICENTE J. VALERO (Grado en Arquitectura Técnica)

– Geographic Information Systems for urban licenses management (PDF: 4.7 MB); PABLO PERUCHO (Grado en Arquitectura Técnica)

– GIS applied to energy efficiency certificates in the municipality of Llíria (PDF: 5.4 MB); MIGUEL ÁNGEL SIMEÓ (Grado en Arquitectura Técnica)

– Multicriterial metodology for the optimal location searching of a public site (ODP: 10.7 MB; PDF: 4.1 MB); RUBÉN HERNÁNDEZ (Grado en Arquitectura Técnica)

– Questions at this sessions:

We hope this information is useful for you!


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