gvSIG 2.1: Symbol library for Climatology

gvSIG 2.1 comes with a wide number of news, in addition of all new functionalities, migration of functionalities in older versions and errors correction, the gvSIG user will find more symbol libraries plus the already installed.

These new symbol libraries are not installed as default libraries in gvSIG, because they are theme-based libraries or specifics for some areas; but all of them are located in the basic installation. For this reason, there is not need to use Internet for installing them in our gvSIG.

Today we are going to talk about one of thes theme-based library, in particular about the one called “Weather” which allows to integrate in gvSIG a Symbology for climate mapping acording to the standard World Meteorological Organization in the document “WMO No. 485 – Manual on the Global Data Processing and Forecasting System Manual” (with versions in English, Spanish, French and Russian).

Also, we have take into account the work done by the group MetOceanDWG of OGC related to the symbology to represent the Climatology.

This video explains how to install the “Weather” library:

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