Articles, books, papers, university research… knowledge database of the website of gvSIG

Taking advantage of the new gvSIG 2.1 version, we have launched a new website that integrates the project website and the gvSIG Association one. This fact allows a single point of entry for technical and organizational information concerning the gvSIG project, and for professional services.
This new website is going to be completed and updated in the coming months with some sections that remain to integrate, mainly development and user documentation of gvSIG Desktop. Besides we are going to expand the contents related to the products of gvSIG catalog, which it has recently joined gvNIX and, soon, we will incorporate new sectorial solutions like gvSIG Roads.
However in this post I want to talk about one of the (many) sections that the new website has and how it is related to popularization. This section is:
To popularize gvSIG is a task for the whole Community. gvSIG appears in magazines, books … we will collect this material and make it available to the entire community. “
So this is the task; we have to collect all scientific and technical articles, presentations, papers to grade, masters, dissertations, books, webinars, etc…everything considered of to be interest and related to the use of gvSIG technology. We want to give visibility to the work of the gvSIG Community.
We have included automatic filters for language and year to help us with the ability to search this massive database of knowledge.
We have divided this section in the subsections:

  • Articles: includes publications in scientific and technical work where the use of gvSIG is relevant or articles about gvSIG.
  • Presentations: Presentations related to gvSIG at scientific conferences, technical presentations, etc.
  • Books: Publications with articles focused on gvSIG
  • Campus: related to academia, like dissertations, master’s degree projects.
  • Open Planet: Magazine of gvSIG.
  • Educational material: documentation of courses, seminars, workshops … available to facilitate self-teaching.

This database is not complete … because every month new materials are published and it is impossible to identify all of them. So if you see anything missing and consider it to be of interest, please send us the information and we will add this new content.

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