gvCity: Suite for inventory management, events and open data (open data)


With this post we present a new product / service implemented by gvSIG Association. The main objective is to offer a product for municipal management and citizen participation, at very low cost, to optimize the management of all types of events and solve a problem faced by many municipalities: the lack of resources to manage complex systems and infrastructures spatial data. In gvCity we offer a hosting service and maintenance that allows the city to completely forget the aspect of computer maintenance.
Due to the experience gained in complex projects of Spatial Data Infrastructures, we can offer a simple, inexpensive and useful tool for municipal management product.
Have a look to a short presentation about gvCity …
In the era of Smart Cities, the development of new technologies and online access from anywhere by everyone, facilitate the publication and management of a large volume of information, both alphanumeric and spatial.
Moreover, the demand for transparency towards administrations makes this tools as necessary to share information considered as beneficial in the public domain.
gvCity is a suite of applications that facilitates the management of that information, allowing on one hand the management of events that are published by the citizens of a municipality as well as the management of city resources by technicians from Municipality.
The suite consists of a web portal, and two mobile applications: a public application to be downloaded by citizens and allows the capture of events, and other applications for internal use by the technicians of the council, which enables inventory management of municipal resources .
The gvSIG Association gvCity offers this solution based on open source technologies without any licensing cost service.
If you wish to get more information, please have a look to this presentation or watch the following demo:

If you are interested in implementing gvCity in you town as well as distribute gvCity, please contact us: info@gvsig.com

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