#11gvSIG: Code Sprint


During the 11th International gvSIG Conference there will be a Code Sprint for gvSIG Desktop developers (Java and Python).

Since at the #11gvsig conference a lot of gvSIG developers will be present, we think this activity might be a strategic meeting point and also an opportunity to know each other in person and exchange thoughts and code.

At the sprint important members of the developer communtity will be present, as for example Joaquín del Cerro, the gvSIG architecture and development responsible, and Óscar Martínez, the teacher of the free opencourse of gvSIG scripting with Python.

Some information for the people who are interested in participating:

  • Date: Friday 4th December (9:00  – 14:00)
  • Place: The same place as for the #11gvsig conference. Complejo Deportivo-Cultural Petxina.
  • What to bring?: a laptop, your gvSIG development environment configured (for Java) and a much enthusiasm to develop on gvSIG for some hours.
  • How to register: Besides the registration at the conference , you should send us an email to info@gvsig.com, telling us about yourself and what you would like to work on during the Code Sprint.
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  3. mjlobato76 says:

    Una opción interesante sería poder cambiar el campo a observar o la combinación de varios. Saludos

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