#11gvSIG: gvSIG new features workshop

0en_gvsig2At the last day of the 11th International gvSIG Conference you will be able to participate in a workshop, where the main gvSIG new features that have been included during this year will be reviewed (they are a lot!!).

During the workshop we will review all these novelties through practical exercises. The exercises will allow attendees to learn about:

  • The new editing tools, where we will see the new editing extension possibilities as well as other tools like the attribute editor.
  • 3D Views. We will learn to use and configure the properties of the new 3D Views, spherical and plain ones.
  • Symbology and labelling. We will see the symbology and labelling by scales, the latest types of legend that have been included in gvSIG, and the advanced labelling.
  • Hyperlink. We will review the possibilities of the hyperlink tool in gvSIG.
  • Symbol libraries. Some of the last symbol libraries will be installed, that we will use for representing our data.
  • Map design. We will work with the new layout document, where the Table of contents is included, and it allows to define the grid in a better way.
  • Derived geometries. We will generate a polygon layer from a data file obtained from a GPS, through the derived geometries tool.
  • We will import MsExcel spreadsheets to our projects.
  • We will review the possibilities of the new Table properties.
  • We will work with the unified geoprocessing frame.

It won’t be necessary to know gvSIG previously, and we will start the workshop with a small “quickstart” exercise on gvSIG.

To follow the workshop you just have to take your laptop with gvSIG gvSIG 2.2 installed, and download the data that we will use at the workshop from this link.

All the workshops are free of charge, like the other activities of the conference, and you only have to be registered from this link:



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