Presenting gvSIG Online: the solution for Spatial Data Infrastructures on Open Source software

During the last International gvSIG Conference a new product added to the gvSIG Association catalogue was presented for the first time. We think it will be well received because it meets an every time more and more need to have a solution for implementing Spatial Data Infrastructures, using open source software and reducing implementation costs of the current market alternatives.

gvSIG Online is result of the experience accumulated by the gvSIG Association at the Spatial Data Infrastructure projects implementation of all types and in any sector, from petrol companies to local administrations.

But, what is gvSIG Online? We can define the product in a few lines…

gvSIG Online is an integral platform for the Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) implementation, 100% open source software. A fast and powerful solution for start up the infrastructure necessary to manage spatial data in an organization in an efficient way. With gvSIG Online you will be able to share your geographic information at the cloud, create maps and applications thanks to the easy and powerful system administration tools. Databases, geoportals, mobile app, Desktop GIS… all the components in an open source, interoperable and integral solution”.

In a series of posts we are going to present all the functionalities of this solution.

By the way, in spite of this is a product that we announce practically with this post, it has been implemented in several organizations, like International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the Spanish Cultural Heritage Institute (IPCE), the Tourism Secretary in Mexico (SECTUR), LocalStats project in Cyprus….

Finally an alternative to Arc*** Online proprietary solutions! More than a map publisher… a complete platform for SDI.

If you are interested in implementing gvSIG Online in your organization you can contact us: . Besides counting with the best experts on free geomatics you will be helping to the gvSIG technology maintenance and development. At the gvSIG Association we offer different implementation modalities, as service (hosting+maintenance) as well as implementing it on the client server.

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4 Responses to Presenting gvSIG Online: the solution for Spatial Data Infrastructures on Open Source software

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  2. M E Starr says:

    Sounds great! Keep me posted.

  3. Logan Ralph says:

    An open source platform comparable to Arc***Online? Excellent. I would like to see more about it…

  4. chandramouli says:

    Please help me, I am unable to find GVsig online? I downloaded GVSig Desktop and also mobile app, but where can I get GVSig Online?

    Thanks in advance

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