Politician, promise ICT, it’s cheaper!

Imagine some politician going to a neighbourhood and promising to the neighbours, that a health center will be built near to fulfill their needs. It doesn´t matter if it is a health center, a school, a sport center or a new detour of one road. From the beginning, all of them assume naturally two things: firstly, that to go ahead with that promise, a bidding and a final contract will be needed; and secondly, sure that nobody will think that the health center will be built in one week.

It is possible that the politician had transforming willingness, that was conscious that some things are not working, that there is a lot to do for the good of the community, but…to make real a promise, time is needed. Sure? for everything? Of course not, there are projects that can be promised and shortly build them: ICT!

Politician, think about any solution which could be an input for your citizens. In any area, Judicial, Education, Health, Industry, Agriculture,…well, that all changes imply law modifications with an impact in the Information Systems? What does it matter? Everyone knows that computing is only press a key…In the end, as if the technology had any influence in the social, productive, economical or financial processes in the 21st century. As if to roll out new projects or ideas it will not be needed telematics processes and arrange or modify the Information Systems.

Now, it seems that to make a promise with ICT impact, it is needed to have economic resources, and they have to be put on bidding and contract process. Also, you will want to tell us that when the contracts are given, there will be some time to be built and be ready for their use. But what this ICT people thinks? perhaps, they believe that they are talking about engineering procedures requiring time?

And look, it is not good that the ICT people complains over writing an administrative procedure for the public contract process. Sure that they are able to complain that they have to talk to inspectors and solicitors with no idea in the sector. They are able to say that the duration of the procedure will last one year, and in that time-lapse, the technology will have advanced making the object of the contract and its implementation not being ideal at that moment.

Maybe, the politician wants to change the mobile phone each 6 months because it´s obsolete. But what about the technology of the Information Systems? And well, the aim to have judicial spokespersons with ICT specialization? That is just an excentric idea…

Ouch, if this is the situation, if this is the vision of the role and the time of the technologic processes in the minds od the politicians, if besides there is a need to explain them that we are talking about an Strategic Sector and the role of the Open Source Software as the guarantor of the Technological Sovereignty…As they said in Valencia: Ai mare, quant treball tenim per davant (how much work we lie ahead)


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