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gvSIG Festival: Third Day [Videos]

Scripting in gvSIG (English) [Óscar Martínez. gvSIG Association] gvSIG Roads: gestión de la conservación e inventario de carreteras con software libre (Spanish) [Ricardo Rueda.DiSiD. gvSIG Association] GIS tools for water supply systems: an implementation using Epanet and gvSIG (English) [Silvia … Continue reading

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gvSIG Festival: Second Day [Videos]

gvSIG Online: the solution for Spatial Data Infrastructures on Open Source software (English) [César Martínez. Scolab. gvSIG Association] Digital field mapping with Geopaparazzi and gvSIG (English) [Andrea Antonello. HydroloGIS. gvSIG Association] Utilización del software gvSIG para el análisis acústico urbano: … Continue reading

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