Free gvSIG Tutorial in English: Analyzing skatepark location in New York city in relation with graffiti cleaning complaints using gvSIG

There’s a new free tutorial about gvSIG in English, provided by Marwa Hassan, from Abu-Dhabi (United Arab Emirates).

This new document is a project that analyzes if skatepark location in New York city are related to graffiti cleaning complaints, using geoprocessing tools in gvSIG.

Two different documents are provided:
– A short document where only the tools to do that analysis are used.
– A long tutorial where that analysis is complemented with other tools, and almost all the main gvSIG functionalities are used in it (layouts, geoprocessing, symbology, labelling, editing tools…).

At the beginning there’s a section where how to download the cartography is explained.

Downloads are available here: Long documentShort document.

We hope that you enjoy them!

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