Street View plugin update for gvSIG 2.3.1

Some weeks ago Google updated the Street View API, and it caused that Street View wasn’t visualized correctly in gvSIG.

To solve this problem, the plugin has been updated for the 2.3.1 gvSIG version.

To update it in our installation, we have to access to the Add-ons manager (from “Tools” menu), and select “Installation from URL” option. Then we select “Testing gvSIG repository”, and we press “Next”. In the next window, at the “Fast filter” text box we write “Google”.

We mark “Formats: Google maps support (1.0.9-15 version)”and “Formats: Google Street View support (1.0.9-15 version)” (it will replace the previous plugin version, 1.0.7-13).

streetview_en_1Then we press “Next”, “Start download” and “Next” again. Finally, closing the wizard and restarting gvSIG the changes will have effect, and Street View will be visualized correctly in gvSIG.


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1 Response to Street View plugin update for gvSIG 2.3.1

  1. Dina says:

    Thank you! I was looking for a fix!

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