New support services on gvSIG Desktop

Use of Geographic Information System for any organization that manages geographic information is a fundamental tool. Adopting open source solutions in any entity, an upward trend, usually requires training and support services.

gvSIG Desktop is an open source GIS used in more than 160 countries and with a high level of implementation in a corporative level. The need to count with a support professional service by users to guarantee the resolution of events or doubts related to its use, as well as having technology updated with the improvements that are published continuously have been added to the interest to use gvSIG Desktop to analyse and manage geographic information.

More over gvSIG Desktop software, it’s important to emphasise that the gvSIG Association is the responsible for its maintenance and evolution, providing support, development, training and consulting services on that solution, as well as on gvSIG Suite, the free geomatics solutions catalogue maintained by the gvSIG Association.

Now, in 2017 we launch new packaged support services, in a user level, as well as in a developer one. With this service, gvSIG Desktop users can keep the value of the product, counting with the most advanced version always and with the support of the gvSIG Association, the organization that is the responsible for the maintenance and evolution of the application.


What does the gvSIG Desktop annual support include?

Level I, for users:

  • Resolution of user doubts: We offer a support team to solve all the doubts and problems found in gvSIG Desktop use. With this technical support, a customized monitoring of reported events is got, communicating with users to solve them. Distance communication or support portal will be established, and there will be on-site visits in case it’s needed. 
  • Service management by a Technical Manager. A technical responsible with detailed knowledge about installations and clients needs will participate. This specific knowledge about the installation, business and needs of the final user will allow to identify in a precise and optimized way the support needs and the corrective, preventive and/or evolutionary actions that can be necessary in a concrete moment currently as well as in a planned future.
  • Information about new versions, updates and improvements of the software that the gvSIG Association releases periodically. Support to launch updates and installation of new plugins.
  • Training for users.
  • Discounts in other services offered by the gvSIG Association.

Level II, with development service support includes:

    • Development packages by hours oriented to promote improvements on gvSIG Desktop and bug correction required by the client. Any request will be evaluated and the gvSIG Association will communicate to the client how any hours it would take. Once it’s confirmed by the client it would be carried out. Hour packages are the next: 160, 320, 480 or 1.000 hours.

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  1. Dina says:

    Thank you for update!

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