gvSIG Desktop 2.4 testing phase is starting

Good news for anybody who is waiting for the new gvSIG Desktop version. The builds publishing phase for testing has started already and the first tests are very positive.

Although we haven’t published any RC (Release Candidate) version yet, the most anxious users can download and test the different builds that will be released towards the final version (…when this post is released, the last build available is the number “2825”). These tests will be very useful to detect the errors that we haven’t detected. As you know you can communicate the errors through the mailing list or the project Redmine.

Where are we publishing the builds for testing? In:


If you access to the folder of a build, you will see that there are a lot of files published, and you will find the .run files for Linux and .exe for Windows in their different distributions (32 and 64 bits, and in the Linux distributions you will find them for Ubuntu 14.04 or lower, and higher).

In parallel to the stabilization of the version we will publish posts with the novelties of the gvSIG 2.4 version.

In addition, if you are interested in provide plugins to be included in this version, now it’s the moment to include them to be tested. If it’s your case you can contact us through the devel mailing lists or writing to the gvSIG Association mail address: info@gvsig.com

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3 Responses to gvSIG Desktop 2.4 testing phase is starting

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  2. Hello, what innovations will be present in the new version of the program?

    • Alvaro says:

      Hi Jeremiah, we’re writing post about the new features: SQLServer driver, SpatiaLite driver, new driver to Oracle, improvements in PostGIS driver, in Hiperlink tool, new symbols libraries, improvements related with usability, a new icon theme and the possibility to change icon-themes, improvements in scripts loading, geolocation tool, improvements in portable versions, etc.

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