gvSIG Suite has been awarded at the “Helsinki NASA Europa Challenge”

We’ve done it again. A new recognition. The gvSIG Suite has been awarded in Helsinki with the “NASA Europa Challenge”, the slogan of which was “Make Earth More Livable”.

During this year, at the gvSIG Association we’ve been working hard to create a catalog of products with gvSIG Desktop, gvSIG Online and gvSIG Mobile that allow to deal with any project with “geo” needs with this suite of open source solutions. It’s also allowing to extend our sectorial solutions: gvSIG Roads, gvSIG Educa, gvSIG Crime…

A main part of this work is based on having powerful 3D tools. And here we have bet on World Wind clearly, the NASA 3D software, and its different versions (Java World Wind for gvSIG Desktop, Web World Wind for gvSIG Online). A bet that has been supported by ESA (European Spatial Agency) in the last months, that has joined the project too.

This award is, at the same time, a recognition for all the persons and organizations that help to make gvSIG greater every day. And specially, from the gvSIG Association we want to recognize the bet of the Generalitat Valenciana on this World Wind and gvSIG integration.

Finally we promise that… in the next year there will be very interesting novelties in 3D tools in the gvSIG Suite.

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3 Responses to gvSIG Suite has been awarded at the “Helsinki NASA Europa Challenge”

  1. Dina says:

    Congratulations! Well done! So proud of you!

  2. Sergio Acosta y Lara says:

    Reblogged this on siglibreuruguay.

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