gvSIG 2017, a year of success, 12 months of progress

This year is finishing, and it’s time to evaluate it. If we review everything that has happened during 2017 we can classify it positively. It has been the year in which gvSIG has received an outstanding international recognition – the awards indicate it – and its brand has been consolidated around a catalog of open source software products for geographic information management – gvSIG Suite -.

A brief review about 2017:

  • 1st prize in “Cross-border category” at “Sharing & Reuse Awards” of European Commission.
  • “Europa Challenge” at Helsinki awarded by NASA to the gvSIG Suite in the “Professional” category.
  • Excellence “Internationalization” Award given by the Professional Union of Valencia.
  • “ITC Promoter organization” prize awarded by the Valencian Telecommunications.
  • gvSIG Online 2.0 publishing, with important improvements. SDI solution success that starts to be a reference. Implementation in local, regional, national administrations, supra-national organizations and in private companies.
  • Releasing of the new gvSIG Mobile, available on Google Play.
  • Towards gvSIG Desktop 2.4. The (imminent) release of the next version of the desktop GIS is being prepared with dozens and dozens of improvements. It will be the version with more external contributions, another important data.
  • gvSIG Crime arrives. This product is added to the sector solutions of the gvSIG Suite, oriented to crime management and the improvement of citizen safety and coexistence.
  •  gvSIG Suite consolidation. The ‘gvSIG brand’ is recognized as a complete catalog of geomatics solutions and in the professional field, beyond the desktop GIS.
  • The gvSIG Association multiplies the number of projects that have been carried out. It becomes one of the references as geomatics services provider, with clients in more than 30 countries.
  • Participation in multiple events around the world, many of them organized by gvSIG Communities.
  • Publishing of dozens of video-tutorials, courses, etc. with an excellent international reception.
  • Increasing of gvSIG software downloads from more than 160 countries.
  • Exponential growth of the number of university jobs carried out with gvSIG: final projects, master’s degree, thesis, research articles …
  • Growth of visits to the gvSIG Blog (more than 250,000 visits per year).

All the indicators are very positive. Everything indicates that 2018 is going to be an even better year.

And all of this would not make any sense without you, the gvSIG Community. Thanks for being there.

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