International call for gvSIG Association products/services distributors

Are you interested in distributing the gvSIG Suite products in your country or region? Would you like to be an official gvSIG Online distributor? Would you like to collaborate and count on the gvSIG Association in the free geomatics projects carrying out?

The dinamization of a quality industrial fabric is one of the objectives of the gvSIG Association, based on the provision of services on free geomatics based on the gvSIG Suite. Helping to create a network of collaborators that, under the umbrella of the gvSIG Association, can develop their business model. Reducing asymmetries. Promoting collaboration. Generating a true business alternative using open source software. Going one step beyond.

For all of these reasons and with the consolidation of the gvSIG Suite – with desktop, mobile and web solutions (Spatial Data Infrastructure and geoportals) and also sector products – we have decided to go ahead with making an call to those interested in becoming official distributors of the products and services promoted by the gvSIG Association.

During the next months we will evaluate all the proposals that we receive. If you are interested you only have to send us the information that you will find below to this email address:

About your Company:

  • Company Name
  • Number of employees
  • Annual turnover
  • Contact: (name, email address, skype and telephone number)
  • Languages: (what languages does your team speak?)
  • Website:
  • Location: (include headquarters and any other offices)
  • Client Focus: (what types of industries or public administrations do you serve? What type of projects?)
  • Geographic Focus: (what regions of your country do you serve?)
  • Technologies: (what geo-software are you using?)
  • Send us information about:
    • References (clients and projects/services that your company has done)
    • CV

About gvSIG services/products distribution:

  • Why do you want to be a distributor of gvSIG Association products/services?
  • What type of products/services of gvSIG Association are you most interested in distribute?

About Alvaro

General Manager of gvSIG Association
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2 Responses to International call for gvSIG Association products/services distributors

  1. ABEL MIHAYO says:

    It is one of the best open source software for geospatial. But it has to be promoted so as to compete with other open source software like qgis. I am a Tanzania and also a student at the university of dodoma . I just downloaded it last week and expecting to learn it through the course of GIS for municipality. But still the most of Tanzania’s and Africans are note aware with the suit.

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