ETL in gvSIG Online, importing data in an SDI easily

An ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) plugin has been developed in gvSIG Online, that allows to define a transformation process to import data like CSV files and Excel spreadsheet as layers available in a Spatial Data Infrastructure. In this way, gvSIG Online has tools that allow organizations that have it implemented to reformat and clean source data and load them in the spatial database of the SDI.

When a concrete information is generated in a usual way in formats such as those indicated (csv, xlsx), this functionality greatly makes data loading easy, without requiring users to use other applications to perform the transformation.

We are going to show a video with a demonstration about how it works. The steps for that are:

  1. We have to upload a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (xlsx) to gvSIG Online.
  2. We create an empty layer with a series of fields.
  3. We define the transformation to be applied. That is, it indicates how to fill in that empty layer with the data contained in the spreadsheet.
  4. We check that the transformation was successful in a geoportal.

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