Workshop about digital field mapping and data centralization at 14th International gvSIG Conference

During the 14th International gvSIG conference, held the next 24-26th October in Valencia, a workshop about digital field mapping and data centralization will be given.

During the workshop the users will be initially guided through the installation and use of the digital field mapping app geopaparazzi/gvSIG Mobile.

The user will then be presented with the Geopaparazzi Survey Server and the data synchronization app, that allows to synchronize the survey data from a geopaparazzi/gvSIG Mobile project to the centralized server. The user will learn how to customize the surveyor’s information on the central database and browse the aggregated survey data on the server. This will be done on the dashboard of the server but also on the map view, from which the user will be able to select the work of a particular surveyor and peak into the surveyed data.

During the workshop also the export options to KMZ and PDF from the server will be shown.

If your are active in the field of digital field mapping you should not miss this workshop! All the information about registration and requirements (cartography, installation…) will be available at this post soon.

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