4th gvSIG festival: Free registration is now open

Free registration period for the 4th gvSIG Festival is now open. The gvSIG Festival is an online conference about gvSIG that will be held in March 27th and 28th.

This year we made a special appeal to the group of women who are part of the gvSIG Community, and it has been reflected at the program, where almost all the presentations will be given by women. You can check the full program of the gvSIG Festival on the event website, where there will be presentations in Spanish, English and Portuguese.

The webinar platform allows to connect to the webinars from any operating system, and in case you can’t see some of the webinars, you will be able to watch them at the gvSIG Youtube channel later like in the previous year.

Registration for each webinar can be done from the program page of the gvSIG Festival website.

Don’t miss it!

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3 Responses to 4th gvSIG festival: Free registration is now open

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  2. muyideen says:

    I want to be part of this

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