gvSIG Projects: gvSIG Suite in the Observatory of Studies on Coexistence and Citizen Security SDI

SIGAPRED is the project developed for the Government of Córdoba (Argentina) by the gvSIG Association together with the UTNVM (Technological University of Villa María) to provide the police and agencies that carry out criminal analysis of a technological solution, based on the gvSIG Suite. It allows to access to georeferenced data in real time and perform all type of analysis on them. The GIS requirements for crime analysis, specified by IACA (International Association of Crime Analysts), have also been taken into account for the implementation of the project.

This project has been equipped with GIS tools that allow the police to have support for decision-making, analyzing both available information and criminal prediction.

Through a Spatial Data Infrastructure, implemented with gvSIG Online, data from entities such as the Criminal Police, the Criminal Analysis Unit, the 101 (Emergency Telephone), Drug Squad, Neighborhood Police, … are shared. To make data gathering easy an ETL plugin was developed at the platform, which converts spreadsheet data to layers recognized by gvSIG Online. On gvSIG Online there is also a complement for georeferenced surveys, with the aim of being able to be used for the victimization survey making.

Thanks to gvSIG Desktop, derived information is generated (heat maps, aggregated marker maps, geoprocessing maps, …) that allows to identify crime patterns and crime problems, to show the relationship between crime and other spatial factors, to look at the direction of movement in criminal patterns, to track crime changes, etc.

In short, this system allows the optimization of work with data related to crime management.

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