gvSIG Online: Downloading layers

There’s another new tool available in gvSIG Online that allows to download any layer from the Geoportals. In this way the platform managers can give access to the information through the geoportal and the typical OGC services (WMS, WMTS, …), and also directly allowing layer download in different formats.

This functionality increases the download options previously available in gvSIG Online such as those that allow users to download the attribute table of a layer (or a selection of elements) in formats such as CSV or Excel.

The option of making a layer downloadable or not is set from the gvSIG Online dashboard, and is as simple as checking or not the corresponding option.

Here you have a video where this new functionality is shown:

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4 Responses to gvSIG Online: Downloading layers

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  2. salar says:

    l want learn

  3. yoel says:

    actualmente de donde puedo operar gvSIG Online

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