gvSIG Online: Quick Filter

A very interesting tool included at gvSIG Online in its latest version, which makes elements searching easier for non-technical users, is the quick filter.

Until the previous version, if a user wanted to search a specific municipality, a river, etc., or the elements that meet a numerical condition (for example, municipalities with more than a specific number of inhabitants), they should open the attribute table, perform a search (which in the first case mentioned could be done directly by typing the place name in the table’s quick filter, but in the second case the advanced filter available within the attribute table should be used, which might not be easy for non-technical users), and with the results obtained, select them and zoom the selection.

With the new quick filter, available directly from the Table of Contents, through the new added tab, the user will be able to select the group of layers, the layer, the field of the table for the filter, and the value to filter. And in the case of numeric fields, user can select the “greater than” and less than” operators, and manually enter a number, allowing them to search elements that meet a certain condition in a simple way.

In this video you can see how it works:

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  1. Youssouf Hunwanou says:

    Je suis intéressé

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