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gvSIG at Google Summer of Code. GSoC 2019

Two students were selected to work with gvSIG Desktop on GSoC! Two of the seven proposals of the OSGeo Foundation. The accepted proposals are related with the new topology framework: Create of new topological rules in gvSIG desktop: The project … Continue reading

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Tutorial gratuito: “Utilização do gvSIG para identificação de áreas adequadas para instalação de usinas fotovoltaicas”

Durante o 4º Festival gvSIG, Graciele Rediske, da Universidade Federal de Santa Maria – UFSM e da Comunidade gvSIG-Brasil apresentou “Utilização do gvSIG para identificação das áreas adequadas adequadas para instalação de usinas fotovoltaicas “, um projeto que também têm … Continue reading

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Municipality platform for geographic information management

Here you have a video where we introduce you to the gvSIG Suite applied to municipality management. It will surely give you a sense of the multiple uses of gvSIG solutions to optimize municipality management. Related to this, there are … Continue reading

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GIS audiovisual course audiovisual with Game of Thrones cartography

Some days ago we launched an idea: what if we celebrate the broadcast of the Game of Thrones final season with a GIS course? The enthusiastic response that we obtained in social networks has encouraged us to record a new … Continue reading

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Curso audiovisual de SIG con cartografía de Juego de Tronos

Hace unos días lanzamos una idea, ¿y si celebramos la emisión de la temporada final de Juego de Tronos con un curso de SIG? La entusiasta respuesta que obtuvimos en las redes sociales, nos ha animado a grabar un nuevo … Continue reading

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Plataforma municipal para la gestión de la información geográfica

Os dejamos con un vídeo de presentación de la Suite gvSIG aplicada a gestión municipal; seguro que os da muchas ideas de los múltiples usos que pueden tener las soluciones gvSIG para optimizar la gestión municipal. Relacionado con esto, tenéis … Continue reading

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Recording of presentations given at 4th gvSIG Festival are now available

Recording of the 4th gvSIG Festival presentations is already available. The gvSIG Festival is the virtual conference about gvSIG that was held on April 17 and 18, in which this year we wanted to give special visibility to women who … Continue reading

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Towards gvSIG 2.5: Quick access to Snapping tools

We show you another novelty of the new gvSIG Desktop version that will make the editing tasks easy through quick access to the Snapping or reference to objects configuration in a layer. The window that allows you to configure the … Continue reading

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Camino a gvSIG 2.5: Acceso rápido a Snapping (referencia a objetos)

Os mostramos otra novedad de la nueva versión de gvSIG Desktop que facilitará y agilizará las tareas de edición mediante al acceso rápido a la configuración del Snapping o referencia a objetos de una capa. La ventana que permite configurar … Continue reading

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Loading GPX files on gvSIG Desktop and gvSIG Mobile

Sometimes we need to visualize GPX files obtained with GPS devices. These files can be used to describe waypoints, tracks and routes. Both with gvSIG Desktop (on Windows, Linux and Mac) and with gvSIG Mobile (on Android) you can load … Continue reading

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