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Coordinate capture tool utilities in gvSIG

In certain gvSIG tools it is necessary to enter coordinates as input parameters. For example in graphical editing, in geoprocessing (Visibility and lighting geoprocesses such as “Visibility” or “Line of sight”, or some tools for hydrological analysis such as “Flow … Continue reading

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Learning GIS with Game of Thrones (VIII): Field calculator

The “field calculator” is one of the most used tools by users when editing the attributes of a layer. This is because its versatility, and it saves time when editing several registers at the same time. It allows to make … Continue reading

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Quick tip: add a function to the field calculator

If you are struggling on the field calculator of gvSIG because it lacks some chunk of code that would make your life easier, maybe you will find this interesting. On the field calculator you can evaluate external python scripts to … Continue reading

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