gvSIG mini as one of the 30 best free apps for Android

It’s not me, the guys of TehcRadar have ranked gvSIG mini:

An incredibly comprehensive mapping tool which combines many major online maps like Google, Bing, Open Street Map and more, which will win UK fans for one huge reason alone – it supports the official and recently open-sourced Ordnance Survey data. This means you’re never more than a post code search away from seeing where you are in OS-level detail, which offers much more in the way of accurate local data than other map tools provide.

A lot of kudos for my colleagues of Prodevelop who are doing an amazing job bringing to the android and J2ME community a great application but also a free software available to anyone under the GPL license.

If you don’t know what gvSIG mini is, take a look on this video and see what it can do for you on a regular Android phone:

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I'm a geogeek living near Valencia, Spain. I work on geomatics and I try to have fun with technology and free software.
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12 Responses to gvSIG mini as one of the 30 best free apps for Android

  1. Fran says:

    My congratulations (y de paso mis felicitaciones 😉 ) to gvSIG mini people (can we call them “the minimoids”??

  2. Jorge says:

    jajajaja for sure, but Rubén and Alberto are both >1.90 so be careful about calling them minimoids face to face


  3. anaximander says:

    I just got this app myself – having access to OS map data (UK) is really helpful; I spend a fair amount of time in areas that Google Maps just shows a large blank expanse of green! The only gripe I have is the lack of multitouch pinch-zoom like in the stock map app, but that’s pretty minor compared with the hugely useful data. Nice work, guys!

    • Jorge says:


      You’re lucky, if everything goes as expected, next version of gvSIG Mini will support multitouch and a brand new feature you will love… stay tuned!!

  4. Ryan says:

    I dont like using multitouch, kudos for a regular zoom button!

  5. Han says:

    I’m new to gvSIG,and I want to know how to build a develop enviroment under eclipse.

  6. Jorge says:

    You should look at the documentation available (are you meaning gvSIG mini??) and then ask at the gvSIG-devel mailing list at https://lists.forge.osor.eu/listinfo/gvsig-desktop-devel for any further advice.

    Hope it helps

  7. jethro says:

    great app,
    can i customise the map list to just show my favourites ?

  8. Fabiola says:

    HI all!!i bought my mobile phone in China and it has restrictions from the factury to access google play…(and i´m not a nerd as i wish!)…Dou you have another platform where i can download gvSIG mini maps? best regards,Fabíola

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