gvSIG 1.10: New version and new way to report bugs.

gvSIG 1.10beta has been released with the aim that the gvSIG Community help us to debug it. Users test the software in multiple and variated scenarios, what let us find errors difficult to find in other way. That’s why we encourage you to test it and report any error you find and any suggestion you have to us.

But how? As you probably know on April gvSIG migrated part of its infrastructure to OSOR and one of the main changes was the new bug / feature request trackers. Now the trackers are public so our users and developers are able to open issues directly to these trackers.

What’s needed? The only requirement is to register in OSOR but, in order to get a really useful information, it’s very important that you follow some instructions and good practices, for example, write the exact steps to reproduce the error, check if the issue is already open (if so, you’ll be able to add more information to it) or, of course, fill in the issue fields correctly. Please, see related documentation.

Probably one of the main differences between privative and free projects is that, in the second ones, the Community is able to participate on them and we think testing is one of the areas on which users participation can be grater. Having public bug / feature request trackers is, with no doubt, a very important step to make Community participation easier. At least this is our aim.

Collaborative testing

So please, try gvSIG 1.10 and consider using the trackers instead of the lists for reporting issues from now on.

Thanks in advance.

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gvSIG Product and Testing Manager
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