One month of the Planet gvSIG

A month passed since the start of Planet gvSIG and I would post a small summary of the activity of the planet.

Planet gvSIG

  • 19 blogs aggregated
  • more than 35 authors
  • almost 60 posts
  • Location:
    • Spain: 9
    • Brazil: 5
    • Italy: 2
    • Argentina, Germany, Russia: 1
  • Languages used at blogs:
    • English: 6
    • Spanish: 10
    • Portuguese (BR): 6
    • Italian: 2
    • Russian: 1

I’m quite proud about those numbers, they reflect more or less the distribution of our community right now (at least the more talkative one) but I would love to see new languages being present like French or German and new countries where active users could start new communities.

We’ve adapted the Planet GNOME Guidelines to our planet so now you can see some general guidelines to add your blog to the Planet gvSIG, if you are thinking about starting a blog, don’t be shy, start writing and we will be very happy to have you on board!!

About Jorge

I'm a geogeek living near Valencia, Spain. I work on geomatics and I try to have fun with technology and free software.
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