Setting up a planet

One of the most important elements of any free software project is its community, that is the companies, entities, users and developers working and using gvSIG products and technologies. Planets are a great way to aggregate all the blogging activity around a common project so we are setting up a gvSIG project planet.

If you want to be part of the planet you only have to contact us posting here a comment or using the contact form. We need an RSS or Atom feed about your gvSIG posts (it depends on your blogging system, some use categories, other labelling) or if you simply have a blog entirely devoted to gvSIG (yes, we have some of those) send us your blog feed.

We also need a photo or logo to be added to your posts on the planet. Maybe you feel geek enough to create a hackergotchi!! (probably we won’t reach the gnome planet level, anyway)

It’s not important if you just post from time to time about gvSIG, the more sources we get, the more activity will the planet have and more diversity will show. We are open to blogs writing about development, user stories or whatever related with gvSIG and of course, in any language.

About Jorge

I'm a geogeek living near Valencia, Spain. I work on geomatics and I try to have fun with technology and free software.
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3 Responses to Setting up a planet

  1. Hello Jorge. I am Jesús Palomar. Do you remember me? I send you this comment because I don´t remember your email. I like your blog and I see that it have a big number of authors (it’s great). Well, I only want to say you that I started a new blog about gvSIG.

    This blog focuses on gvSIG education by using videotutorials. Currently I have a set of 30 videotutorials that I use in my own courses. Each week I will post a new videotutorial and others things related with gvSIG. If you consider that you can link my blog from yours, feel free to do it.
    Best regards.
    Good night and good luck.

    • Jorge says:

      Hi Jesús, of course I remember you 🙂

      It’s awesome you have a blog about gvSIG education. I’ll contact you by email anyway. but that’s a great initiative to add to the gvSIG planet!!

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