gvSIG Code Sprint at Valencia

As last year, the day before the International gvSIG Conference we are planning a Code Sprint. This year our focus will be on gvSIG Desktop 2.0, but of course as always, it’s up to the participants to decide the topics they want to deal with.

There is an open wiki where you can add pages for your ideas, but is encouraged to use the development mailing lists (in English or Spanish) to discuss the bug fixes or features that will be treated at the Code Sprint.

ai2It will be held as the last year at the Innova Room of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, again kindly sponsored by the ai2 Institute (thanks!!).

If you want to participate, please add yourself on the attendants list and send me an email (jsanz [at] gvsig [dot] com) with a valid ID number, the university ask us for a list of participants to prepare the Internet connection. You will also have to come with an ethernet wire as no wi-fi is available for visitors on that room.

That’s all, see you soon!!


gvSIG Code Sprint 2010 at Innova Room

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