New Case studies of gvSIG

One year ago, a new website about gvSIG case studies was released, and since then, about 25 different cases have been published on it. To get through to all community, we decided to publish them in English initially.

In every gvSIG Conference there are a lot of presentations about different case studies of gvSIG. We’ve decided to adapt the template for communication proposals at the gvSIG Conferences to the form for case studies, and the results are that we have about 60 new case studies only with the Latinamerican and Caribbean gvSIG Conference and the International gvSIG Conference (October and December 2011). Every case study is filled out in one of the official languages of the Conference (Spanish and Portuguese-BR at the LAC gvSIG Conference, and English and Spanish at the International one), and most of the previous ones are in Spanish or Portuguese-BR.

We consider that the translation of the user and developer gvSIG documentation to English is more important, it’s our priority, and case studies will be translated as soon as possible. For this reason, we’ve modified the case studies website. Now it allows of several languages, a case study can be translated to different languages. A new category has been added for searching: Case studies can be searched by language too (see the image: Number [1]). Apart from it, the website includes the option to translate it with Google Translator (see the image: Number [2]). It won’t be the best translation, but we think it’s more interesting for the gvSIG Community to have a lot of case studies in different languages, with the possibility to be translated with Google Translator, instead of a few ones only in English. The searching by categories allows to find the case studies regardless of their language. Categories are “Sector”, “Country” and “Other software”, and searching can be done from

In addition, if a case study is translated to several languages, at the bottom of the case study there’s an option, close to the number of reads.

We hope it helps you.

We also encourage every gvSIG user to tell us the experience with gvSIG, and share it with the community. You can fill in the form of the website, in any language but preferably in English, and send it to the following e-mail address:

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