Temporal filters in gvSIG

The main goal of the gvSIG Sensors project is the capability to load scientific data in gvSIG. Scientific data means data of observations and the time when these observations were taken. NetCDF or Observation & Measurement are the formats that the project is going to support.

Firstly, support for the time dimension has been added to the gvSIG Data Access Library. Next step is to create a user control that uses this feature to filter data by time:

Filter by time control

This control is associated to a View and it creates temporal filters that select the features that are displayed and the features that are not displayed. Only the features that are valid in the selected time are displayed

The control is able to create two types of temporal filters:

  • Filter by Instant: represents a position in a time scale. In practice, an instant is an interval whose duration is less than the resolution of the time scale.
  • Filter by Interval: represents a period of time between two instants.

Next video shows an example of how works the temporal filter. For this example has been used a NetCDF file:

Other similar video:

In next article we will talk about the NetCDF support in gvSIG.

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