gvSIG 2.0: Mirrors for downloads

One of the most important characteristics of the gvSIG Desktop 2.0 version is the Add-ons Manager, from which the different packages (extensions, add-ons…, and translation files later) can be installed directly from the application. This version is totally oriented to this, it won’t be necessary to download the extensions independently and install them from gvSIG after that. For this reason, it become necessary to have several download servers available, several mirrors for downloading the packages.

Until now, the download servers have been provided by the gis-lab.info Russian Community, the gvSIG Russian Community, LAPIG (Laboratório de Processamento de Imagens e Geoprocessamento, Universidade Federal de Goiás, Brazil), the i3Geo Project (Edmar Moretti, Brazil), Geocuba (Cuba), ELOGeo (E-learning for Open Geospatial Community, University of Nottingham, United Kingdom), and the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo).

This new infrastructure will allow to download the packages of the different extensions, add-ons, etc., from the Add-ons Manager in gvSIG (Tools->Addons Manager menu). For this reason the different servers URL have been included in a pull-down menu at the home window.


In addition, it will allow to download the application binaries (the All-included version) from the downloads table at the gvSIG website, where the user will be able to choose the server which they will be downloaded from.


From the gvSIG Project we want to thank all the people and entities that have provided these download servers.

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