gvSIG 2.0: Japanese Symbol library

A really interesting aspect of the maps, and by extension of GIS, is the territory’s representation that humans beings do. The symbols used not only varies depending on the subject, but has also been modified over the time and in a particular moment differs depending on geographical or cultural aspects. A wide variety of symbologies, all of them with a common goal: representing what we see on a map.

For this reason and considering gvSIG expansion by the most diverse geographies of the planet, we created a new symbol library that we hope will be useful for Japanese gvSIG users.

This new library as usual, can be installed from the “Add-On Manager” of gvSIG 2.0.

Following the steps defined in the series of post “gvSIG 2.0: Create symbol libraries” we have created this new symbol library. Let’s see how we have made this library, so that it will be usefull as a new example for users to create their own.

For point symbols (markers) we have used the series “Japanese Map Symbols” available from Wikimedia by the Geographical Survey Institute with a public domain license.Japanese_01

The following data source, also available from Wikimedia, is related to weather symbols used on Japanese maps, and provided by the Japan Meteorological Agency. Japanese_02In order to install the point symbols we used a specific symbol importer creating a new Symbol Library (called Japanese) comprising two subfolders (called Map and Weather).

Complementing the point symbols and also symbols used by Google Maps, we have also created both linear and brush symbols: Japanese_04Japanese_03

Now we only have to create the package as it was explained in this post.

You have this package available from the Add-On Manager (by selecting the URL http://downloads.gvsig.org/download/gvsig-desktop/ and searching for “Types / symbols“) or directly downloading it from here.

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