“Introduction to GIS” Course in English free of charge

The gvSIG-Training e-Learning platform opens its registration period for the “Basic GIS with gvSIG” MOOC in English, given by the gvSIG Association and GISMAP.

This MOOC aims to show the use and potentiality of the open source software gvSIG in performing the most common operations during the workflow in a GIS environment. This Course is addressed to beginners as well as to skilled GIS users who want to learn how to use this software.

It will start in November 24th, and it will last four weeks with an approximate participant’s engagement of thirty hours during the whole course period.

Course attendance is completely free of charge. Students who successfully complete the course and wish to receive the Certificate of Achievement, corresponding to 30 credits for gvSIG Certification program, will be asked for a contribution of 40 Euros.

For further information about topics, goals…: http://web.gvsig-training.com/index.php/es/quienes-somos-2/noticias-2/139-massive-online-open-course-introduction-to-gis

For registration, you have to press “Enroll” at the bottom of the page, and then accept the “Site policy agreement”. Finally you will have to register at the web page.

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22 Responses to “Introduction to GIS” Course in English free of charge

  1. Danish says:

    how will it be held? online? or should come to attend the classes?
    or at which place?

  2. Mario says:

    It will be held online. Contents will be available on the web portal and you will have to upload the results of the exercises.

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  4. Olusina says:

    To register, I could not see the “Enroll” bottom at the bottom of the page. Please, how do I register?

  5. Biplob Rakhal says:

    I couldn’t see enrol button at the bottom.

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  7. Lyse says:

    Hi, I only have QuantumGIS at home, is that OK?

  8. Alvaro says:

    Hi Lyse, the course is with gvSIG. But gvSIG is open source and you can download it

  9. ocavusoglu says:

    It says the software can only be used on Windows or Ubuntu platforms but I found this link where one can download a Mac version – can this be used during the course?
    Thank you.

  10. Dear ocavusoglu, course will carried out based on Windows version of gvSIG 2.1 but you can use as well the 1.11 Mac version. Maybe not all the tools will be immediately available but an official updated version for Mac will be shortly released. Keep in touch, Giuliano.

  11. Vale says:

    How does it works? I mean, do we have to attend the course at a fixed time, or can we do it when it best fits us?

  12. Chizoba says:

    Hi, tried enrolling but is having challenges with this ID stuff. So what is required of me.

  13. ojaybee says:

    The sign up for this is testing. That could influence first impressions. If you follow the link above in an earlier comment you can find the elusive “Enroll” button. Following that you need an account with gvSIG. There is a section in the sign up for that account that requires a National ID number (presumably for Spain) in the “Otros campos” section. I just filled in a bunch of irrelavent numbers. Then you get your email confirmation. Then you login. Then you enroll. Simples.

  14. naox14 says:

    hello. I might be late, but i would like to know when another online course will be held for beginners in this current year (2015)? any answers please at naox14@gmail.com

    I’d will really appreciate it.

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