gvSIG 2.1: Derived Geometries

The function called Derived Geometries is now available in gvSIG 2.1. We can install, as usual, through the Addons Manager .

And how this new function works?

It creates layers of polygons or lines from a point layer , or polygons from polylines.

Let’s see, through a practical example, the operation of the tool Derived Geometries . The steps detailed in the video are :

  • Load a point layer obtained by a GPS survey conducted on a set of buildings.
  • Add the point layer as layer events, indicating what are fields containing X and Y coordinates
  • Export the layer of events as points shapefile, then label it to better show the points belonging to each building.
  • Run the tool Derived Geometries to generate a polygons layer representing the different buildings

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General Manager of gvSIG Association
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