On the road to gvSIG 2.3


As we announced with the publishing of gvSIG 2.2, and following the current policy at the gvSIG project for releasing two versions every year, we plan to release gvSIG 2.3 in December.

The objective is to dedicate the odd versions for deep changes that allow to extend the use field of gvSIG.

For this version we are working on the necessary changes to have an official gvSIG distribution for Mac and for Windows 64 bits available. They are significant changes related to the raster and projection libraries, and we hope they allow us to have these new gvSIG distributions.

We are making changes  related to the geometry support too, in order to solve several problems that have appeared at multi-geometries, as well as include the possibility to work with the M coordinate. This last issue is related to the dynamically segmentation functionality, that we want to include in gvSIG. It will mean a valuable contribution for all the works related to network analysis (roads, railways…).

And what will gvSIG 2.3 have? Well, it will depend on you in a big part, on the development contributions and economical resources that are contributed to the project, that means directly or through contracting of services. The gvSIG Association maintains a team that develop every gvSIG version thanks to all the entities that bet on the professional services that we offer mainly. Bet on the gvSIG Association is to have the best professionals… and besides contributing to the technological evolution of gvSIG.

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