gvSIG 2.2 available!

Available the new gvSIG 2.2 version.

gvSIG 2.2 goes one step forward in the evolution of this opensource GIS. There are some new functionalities, some of them very remarkable and some improvements in stability which have given strength through each version of gvSIG, being one of the most powerful and used GIS.

This version can be downloaded from the project website and they are two types of distributions: one to install and another portable.
As the main novelty of this version, in one hand it has to be highligted the new 3D View plugin, which allows to create 3D Views from a 2D View and on the other hand, the new edition tool, which includes new functionalities and improve all the tasks related to the graphic edition

But these are not the only improvements that you are going to find…..let´s see the full listing of the main novelties of gvSIG 2.2.


New edition. One new graphic edition with all the wanted edition tools in one GIS and with visual aids. Editing has never been as easy, fast and powerful in gvSIG. Available demo  0En1_gvsig
 0en_gvsig20en3_gvsig 3D Views. The gvSIG integration with NASA World Wind presents one of the most important novelty of this version.With gvSIG 2.2 can associate our 2D Views with 3D spheric and flat Views.The 3D plugin is in the standard distribution, but it is not installed by default. Further information
Legend by scale. It allows to work with legends depending on the scale. The user can define scale ranges and legends to apply in any of those ranges.Further information.  Z5_gvsig
03_label Labelling by scale. As in the legends, the user can define different labelling types depending on the scale ranges.Further information.
Hyperlink to folders. To associate the features of any vectorial layer to a folder.This way, when the hyperlink tool is executed over one featrure, the folder associated can be open.Further informationn.   0en_4_gvsig
  05_publish OGC services publishing. It allows to the automatization of the publishing process in the map services, trying to get the results as equal to the ones of the original work in gvSIGintentando obtener unos resultados lo más fieles posibles al trabajo original que tengamos en gvSIG.Further information in: 1,2and 3.
Seismic formats. Format support for seismic data representation.  06_sismica
51_bib52_bib53_bib Navigation symbol library. Maritim/Nautic navigation symbology according to international standards.


Apart from these improvements, there are many little changes such as ; (Next zoom tool, EPGS database update, raster calculator, menus and submenus reorganization, translation update,… and the fixing of some “bugs” detected by the community.

We encourage you to download the new gvSIG version and enjoy it!

And now on?

Now the team is already focused on gvSIG 2.3; the next version to be out in December. For the moment, we invite you to be part of the gvSIG project and get stronger, day by day, the initiative from the gvSIG Association .

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